What is Hive?

Hive is all about this statement from Stephen R. Covey:
“The main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing”

So what is the main thing for Hive and for The Park Federation?

Teaching and Learning (Core Business)

“Forget smart uniforms and small classes. The secret of stellar grades and thriving students is teachers.”
The Economist, 11th June 2016.

“One American study found that in a single year’s teaching the top 10% of teachers impart three times as much learning to their pupils as the worth 10% do.’
The Economist, 11th June 2016.

To be a high performing teacher is not easy because teaching is an:
“incredibly intricate, complex and beautiful craft.”
Jamey Verrilli

To develop our “beautiful craft”, we need exceptional continuing professional development at every stage in our careers.

Hive Vision Statement

Life is about give and take.  Look at the bees taking nectar back to the hive to make into honey while simultaneously pollinating the blooms they visit.  Well The Park Federation has a Hive too!

Its Hive is home for practitioner-led research and development.  Instead of visiting flowers, our teachers will visit schools within and beyond the federation.  They will take ideas into the educational environment to share and test, and return with ideas to inspire and, as a result, transform children’s learning and lives.

Hive Key Aims:

Hive Training must:

Hive Research:

What makes us unique?

Some comments made by current NQTs: